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Lovesick Blues - lyrics

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See I'm under that same spell
Trace the face of an angel
Love sick blues and I ain't well
Loneliness, is when the kiss of death's your only kiss
And true love is a myth cause it doesn't exist
It's like being struck by the fist of a pacifist
It’s a cancerous bliss
Who’s your master in this? And who’s he work for?
Love can make a free man a slave and make him hurt more
Than a life sentence spent with jealousy
Man if love is blind, how can it always follow me?
It was all a dream
Satan wore Satin and God rocked gabberdein
Angels in ancient apparel, denim wearing demons
And there was love… looking like a heathen
And there was love looking like a reason to exist
Bleeding at the wrist evening the risk
I’m easin’ down the abyss of misfortune
Is love all we need or an extortion?
I approach with honesty to be honorable
But honesty was unemployed and didn’t work anymore
And jealousy was with love lookin’ envious
And anywhere I went with love jealousy would come with us
And jealousy would always be the treachery of deceit
The treasury of the weak
I couldn’t see my love blinded by jealousy
While God was demonic and the devil laughed angelically
You see,
Love is the only invincible feeling, pure yet it’s haunted
Given it’s the only thing we need, but when given to freely from the needy we don’t want it
So we lose it, spend our days tryin’ to find it
When we find it we spend our days walking blinded
Blinded by happiness, jealousy, most times spent confused
Hate to love it but I do, and them’s the love sick… blues

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