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Seasons Change - lyrics

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Could time…
Slow It’s movement
I don’t think I’ll ever find a better way to do this
Life is seeming foolish
Feelin’ like Jesus getting’ played by Judas
I knew this would pass when I carved this path
So my past told my present ask the looking glass
Reflection… are you still there
Direction, do you even really care about the air
You’re breathin’ or the heathens who are schemin’ eatin’ dreams
Or the friends in the street who are fendin’ for the green
The scene is as obscene as hell being raised
My life was a summer now the seasons changed
Seasons change
Are we gonna change together
See the leafs fall from the weather
Times are strange now more than ever
Seasons change
You can never rearrange the weather
Come together for whatever
Leavin’ them a little somethin’ to remember
My life is so incomplete
Why can’t we both just agree
You act like you don’t know
We’re growing up in purgatory
It’s the same old story that’s been told before me
Either called corny or similar category
According to most it’s just barely stay afloat
Cause it’s all cut throat on a plain of fair game
Love and hate are one in the same and it’s all done in vain
We can run from the shame while no one takes the blame
Or maintain this mundane life we just can’t explain
It’s the sad truth
That the future
Slipped right past you
So can you move sir
C’mon man get up off your bed, help me sing along instead
We can all intend to greet the dawn with head high
Live life quick, skip the red light don’t forget this time mankind tryin’ to get by
[Mos Eisley]
Energy doesn’t die it just changes shape
That’s why you see your grandmother in a strangers face
Need to change your pace, plave, or occupation
Realize we hold the key that unlocks the cage
And to my great dismay we all play it safe
Painting our realities a million shades of grey
The moment fades away, tomorrow calls my name
Winter, spring, summer passed now it’s fall again
Opportunity knocks but it’s soon to be lost
Unless we get our shit together and the lunacy stops
Cause sure, seasons change, but everything seems the same
People chasing measly things
Thinkin’, we’d be kings but we need to think
Outside of this perimeter to get free from chains
That keep our brains stuck in old routines
So peace I’m leaving now I need a whole new scene
Sweat Shop Union.

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