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[Intro Skit]
Who's that, that's the new girlfriend, that's Sophie
She what?
Look at her
Hmm, I don't know why all these girls keep looking at me
Every time I walk past I can hear 'em whispering like
Lukatar, lukatar
[Verse 1]
I be like lukatar, lukatar lukatar
Everybody wanna lukatar, lukatar
Shut down raves, lock it off, lock it off
Reverse that, like I'm parking a car
Rac a gnikrap m'i ekil, that esrever
Reverse that, like I'm parking a car
I really don't know why these girls wanna try it
I'll take girls for a likkle Mars bar
Or a salad, I'm on a diet
I dunno who these girls think they are
I'm a boss, salute, the Queen
And your bars, pollute, the scene
But it doesn't matter anyways
Lukatar, lukatar, then look at me
There's no match, can't compare
Buy some weave cause you can't comb hair
I elevate cause I see those stairs
Lukatar lukatar, stay over there
[Hook] (x2)
Everywhere I go they be like "lukatar"
When I do a show they be like "lukatar"
Checkin' out my clothes they be like "lukatar"
Lukatar, lukatar go
[Verse 2]
Just look at her, I can't stand the look of her
If I was a librarian, I would get lairy and throw the book at her
If she was on her death bed
Then please believe I will pull the plug on her
You're a chief, no executive, just call me the governor
I'm a troubler
Yeah I got the old 90's flow a bubbler
She wanna bark, I'ma have to muzzle her
Don't try start cause I've had enough of ya
So any side chick from Tumblr
What are you doing?
I'm struggling to find why you lie in your lines
Yeah you do it, no wonder they look at her, they need a guide
[Hook] (x2)
Luk-lukatar luk-lukatar, luk-lukatar luk-lukatar
Luk-lukatar luk-lukatar, luk-lukatar luk-lukatar
Luk-lukatar luk-lukatar, luk-lukatar luk-lukatar
Luk-lukatar luk-lukatar, luk-lukatar luk-lukatar
[Verse 3]
Now hold on a minute, who's this girl though? (Who is she?)
Somebody take this girl home
I dunno why she's giving it the large for
I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole
Luktatar, she can't even dress
Lady Leshurr, pardon my French
You're not that good and you're hardly the best
And that squeaky voice, man I'd rather be deaf
Stop rapping (you what?)
Don't try talk, I'm the captain (rude)
All you've done is drop mixtapes, where's your album?
You're slacking, hmm
Make some original music, not covers (allow it)
You're always tryna sound like the others
Aw well, you loose some, you win some
And by the way, you look like a chipmunk
[Hook] (x4) + [Bridge]

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