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Do you remember the life we had? It swept beneath my feet and wrapped around my head. It resembled my frame of mind with nothing better to say. I was leaving it all behind to resonate through the years and crush me day by day. I could feel it pull break neck speed to say my last goodbyes.The discontent to let everything go, hanging over my head like a noose around my neck. Cause you're not all that different, over everything. We're not all that different, after everything. True hell, is life, gone wrong. So looking back at these dreams, slipping down through my sleep, I couldn't tell you what the fuck was even happening to me, I counted rocks on the cliffs as I fell down to the sea, I could feel it all slipping away. I float on slick black water paralyzed neck deep as I drowned in sleep, like Ophelia's last hour, unaware, drifting.

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Life Gone Wrong

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