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The morning rise,earths suspended state as it turns on it’s side.
I can see the comet fade and the fear in me subsides.
I often wonder, as the abyss above me, seems deeper at night.
Is there another me somewhere staring back up to my eyes.
Am I less of a man if I broke down and said I couldn't be on my own.
Or is sincerity lost and being alone is a friend I've come to know.
We stepped along the moonlit bridge way glorifying a nostalgic past.
So for every dwell, that's draped in black, if this is love, I'm taking it back.
I try to survive the rapture waking up alone in the dark.
Even if I try to keep it together, I'm still falling apart.
I’m falling apart.
I was searching for closure, shut the final door and turn to face the cold.
If it gets any deeper I'll be digging a shallow grave.
Waking up, has never been the same.
I'm still afraid of change, I'm clinging on to the past
but every goodbye you whispered was supposed to be your last.
I've become the wrath, consumed inside of my head.
This deciduous mind I'm forgetting I've come undone.
We're all waiting to die scared to death of dying alone.

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