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This world can't leave me, while this world won't fall.
I'm trapped and unhinged, I still feel the same.
Spoken foundations on a promise that soon I'll change… Oh how I wish I could change.
I lean against the steady breeze pillar wind, fists tight, among a thousand saints
I catch a carrying whisper, of secrets picked up, from what I left behind.
But like the book that weighs you down I'm bound with leather skin.
A broken spine and missing pages, a lost key lock with no way in.
I was naive to presume I could just shake it off, or make it stop
Cause when you think about the things you had there’s a pressure of what you lost.
But this world can't leave me. This world won't die.
So this is my end it seems, this is the fall enhanced with weight handwritten in faith,
a paradox beneath a sea of stars, They're taking me back
when nothing fell to this earth, nothing fell to this earth.
There is only a handful of time so I'm kissing regret goodbye. Cemetery.

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