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A fork is a cold shiny tool to pierce, tear and ingest
Whatever has the fork in hand controls the meal of its choice
We're told the first few punctures, they're for our own good
Better chewed up in pieces than blown up in the oven
Oh, oh, oh, come on now
Forkboy, forkboy, forkboy
Forkboy flies by night on stolen fuel to Santa Rosa, CA
Opens a fake employment office, want a job, go get me drugs
People desperate for work return to quite a surprise
Busted for intent to sell, cops pay him a bounty, forkboy skips town
Oh, oh, oh
We came, we peed, we conquered, you bleed
The choice, forkboy or finger food, ugly joy
What does it replace, why wait
When you can eat yourself alive today?
Forkboy, forkboy, forkboy, forkboy
Junk bondage take over glutton, ready to bore in
Unfold his rotary blades inside, pull the guts out and resell them
Buys out his next target with the last one's pension funds
Thousands more thrown out of work so
Leona won't have to settle for a mint
Forkboy picked by the FBI to be the lack pied piper after Dr. King died
Watches soap operas on TV while 6 billion disappears from HUD
Who are you working for, what did you hope to gain?
Why do you hate your past so much you destroy the ones you love

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