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Generation Execute - lyrics

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I went to Blockhead Video
to rent a tape of people makin’ love
couldn’t find no love in here
“It’s a family store, see here!”
Settled for “Faces of death”
but they’d rented it to some kid
I’m tired of the same old gore
kick butt cable network gives me more.
All day
all night
broadcast live.
Bring the pretzels, bring the kids
have a party, have a beer
Phil Donahue got his wish
executions on live TV.
Here’s your host, Kozy Kinkwicket!
What’s your name? … You’re 14?
And what are you being put to death for today?
Is your family here?
What was your last meal?
Any last words for the fans?
Longer you cling to live –
more prizes for your friends.
What’s it gonna be, Old Sparky?
More points for the firing squad
grand prize, step inside
the hundred thousand dollar gas chamber.
Answer one question:
How do we teach, ‘thou shalt not kill’?
The gas is rising
there goes the bell.
Five minutes…
Six minutes…
Ladies and gentlemen
he’s swallowing his tongue!
Vanna applauds.
Studio audience frenzy
pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
Marie Antoinette for a day
lose your head, feed your family.
Outside picket signs bray
swarms of tailgate parties
big gulping who knows what
all waving flags.
God bless
the U.S.A.
That’ll show ‘em crime does not pay
I got heaps of these on tape
got Clinton frying that brain-damaged kid
and hockey fights for trade.
You got Gacy? Wooooo!
I’ll take Ted Bundy too
no worries if the children see
nightmares? Blame MTV.

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