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I Wanna Be A Drug-sniffing Dog - lyrics

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I wanna be a drug-sniffing dog
So I can snort coke all day long
Bite my master when it suits me
Get off on diminished capacity
I wanna be a customs man
Snoop through your stuff ‘cos I can
Sneaky-peaky pry through your private lives
Stroke your panties jackin’ off at lunch
Weh-oh, weh-oh-ho!
Sure beats Alpo
It’s the life
It’s the stink
It’s the attitude
I wanna be a San Francisco cop
So I can speed and run red lights
And sure as Rodney was a King
We got ways to makes you sing
It’s the life
It’s the stink
It’s the attitude
We can seize everything
Houses, cars, and life savings
Keep the loot for ourselves
Fake drug charge works every time
I wanna join the Christian Coalition
So I can molest my children
None suspect me cos I’ve been saved
Til my stepdaughter drowns her kids in a lake
Weh-oh, weh-oh-ho!
Spare rod, spoil the child
It’s life
It’s stink
Choose your masks

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