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Peeling Back The Foreskin Of Liberty (Live Fr.. - lyrics

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God’s sounded the alarm
dare not push the snooze button
your favorite metalhead and mine
child-molesting freak.
Used Seven Seals to scare his flock
so he could sin
defiled young girls beneath
posters of Megadeath
but then…
They tried to take his guns
they tried to take his guns
coulda grabbed him when he’s out jogging
or scamming chicks in bars.
But oh no
they brought S.W.A.T. teams and tanks
Waco’s a sign
one-world government.
Peeling back the foreskin of liberty
what do we see?
Ain’t God fillin’ teeth
it’s Jews and Hillary.
Communist Chinese
grind up orphan babies
to sell in powder form
at New Age health food stores.
They’re trying to take our guns
they’re trying to take our guns
they treated Randy Weaver
like a two-bit pot dealer.
Shot up his little house on the Prairie
at Ruby Ridge
S.W.A.T. teams shoot potheads all the time
but he was a Nazi, dammit.
Live free or die
live free or die
that’s what I say.
What’s that noise?
It’s those helicopters again
see ‘em up in the sky, they’re always black
what does that tell you, huh?
U.N. troops wait in salt mines
under Detroit of all places
to storm up from the sewers
for door-to-door raids.
To take our guns
they’re out to take our guns
feminazis and eco-terrorists
I’m not making this up.
I got my back yard bunker
machine guns and grenades
to protect myself from you
trying to take them away.
Live free or die
live free or die
live free or die
live free or die.
Tear down those highway signs
so the U.N. can’t find me
white Shangi-la of Post Falls, Idaho
will now secede.
We’ll show them
we’ll show them
damn right it’s the End Times
when Christmas win.
Live free or die
live free or die
live free or die
live free or die.

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