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Face Our Time - lyrics

Beyond the shine of bling bling
Your house your car your boat
You camouflage your unsureness not to be enough

Beyond material values
Your house your car your boat
You camouflage your deeply fears
Face-lifting liposuction
Alright I pay my new life

So sick
This way to kill our dreams
Let's fight this fuckin' shit
Face our time

This is where we live
For every fucking diamond and every fucking coat
You loosing basic values
Supporting poverty
Because (that's why) your wealth (we fight)
Was made on human backs
And your achievement your success
Is nothing more than human beings' blood

We're spending so much time
To build up our life
On artificial values
Face our time

Your house your car your boat
Your house your car
Fuck you

It's our frustration and aggression

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