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Thinking of our final words
And memories now in the past
Just like a play with no beginning
Our ending went on by too fast
'Cause he was a time bomb
And she was the fuse
The resulting explosion
Would daze and confuse
Their problems began to pile up
They loved, they fought
And they broke up
They've seen it all before
They're tired
Played this game for so long
Not liars
Their truths were not as strong
More time cannot be found
They're chasing
A sunset that never goes down
Trying now to understand
And push it back into their minds
I'll move on, I will not slow down
To dwell on you would waste my time
'Cause she was so fragile
And he was immune
The courtship of errors
Began too soon
They both tried so hard to save
They screamed, they yelled
They dug their graves
They're chasing
They're chasing
They've seen it all before
They're falling
They're falling
Falling on the floor.

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Dedicated to Deadlines - EP

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