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The Desert - lyrics

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I'm lost in grand mansions
Poolside in windswept glamour
His daddy was a dealer
Working on the market stalls
Living for glory
You said life should be easy
But I wanna be a singer
With guns of paradise
If black is white we spent life getting high
There's no rain under the watching sky
But your diamond eyes
Made me feel alone
Chorus: The birds sang hallelujah
As you ran through the desert
Out of love, out of love
Now I walk on the sand alone
Waiting for your feet to run back home
Run back home now
Our luck swam with the ocean
Oh babe what a lonely existence
Now I'm Slaving in the city
Tryna be a fashion whore
Dance all night you took away my soul
Now i'll go where no one ever goes
Get down low
Until your in my arms

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