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Psychopath - lyrics

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Oh, oh
Bet you're on the couch
getting wasted
Wishing i was there
getting naked
Keep it in me
tryna save this
Cause I know you get emotional
when you're faded
[Před ref.]
So you're gonna lie to me?
Fuck you.
Tryna fake cry to me?
That's cool.
Said that you're alright with me?
Guess not.
So you can keep on calling,
but i ain't gonna response
I don't need your love,
i don't need your cash
I don't want your stupid shit
You can have it back.
You keep saying that I'm crazy
not to take you back,
but if that makes me crazy,
you're a psychopath.
I bet you miss me
I'm hoping it hurts
I'm making fires out
of all your T-shirts
And now that all the
other boys, who get me a sweatshirt
the one you gave to me
when we still worked
[Před ref.]
But if that makes me crazy, you're a psychopath
Don't need you then
Don't need you now
Bet you're missing me now
now, you're missing me now 2×
But if that makes me crazy, you're a psychopath 2×

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