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Madness And Her Thousand Young - lyrics

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Oh no, she’s awake!
As a pristine cupido she dwells in her abode
A repellent nimbus secures her scarcely uncouth brains
Thither goes my sanity !
The narcotic deluge leaves me in parched dismay
Whilst I realize the nigh vortex only from afar
Led astray to dance like a wincing spasm,
I am trying to elude the roaring maelstrom, drawing nearer
I tumble and fall into my unfathomed mind
Thus it has finally arrived,
My reckoning moment of truth
And I am willing to do penance
In every wish you speak,
In every thought you think they hide
On every move you make,
On every breath you take they ride
They are the pupils of Great Mistress Nausea
They are the children of dementia,
If children they are … ?
Her unhinged kinship entices my abysmal zest
As with diligence I ascend the close apex
She will harass again!
… mother ?

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The Great Maddening