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yo you got a little time why dont you come holla at me for a minute let me tell you about myself
whats your name where you from can i atleast wait on the phone to hear your voice again dont let me be in pain how should i go alone knowing that you will be gone so let me please explain that all i feel is pain that all i feel is pain
What´s your name Where you from Can I at least wait on the phone To hear your voice again Don´t let me be in pain.
How shall I go along Knowin´ that you will be gone So let me please explain That all I feel is pain.
let me holla at you let me share your pain with you not the type to try to hold you down im trying to gain with you plan with you understand when nobody else around understand with you hand and hand with you walk through the hardest ghettos late at night no need to worry girl your man with you i know your friends talking they say i stay into shit but all i want to do with you is get intimate
you the type to turn a street guy to a sweet guy head to your feet ma when you wanna meet huh pretty skin like hair blow in the wind like body caliente and eye inocente so eh can you let me know your schedule i like that a college girl intellectual in the bedroom you such a freak but in the streets you so professional

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