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all fall down...
you can comment all day til dark.
you can call me any name you want.
you can look me up and down.
I won't stop, no, I won't fall apart.
you can put me down.
you can make me mad.
you can call me mean
but I think it's really sad that sometimes I just wanna stay inside.
I guess it makes you happy that I live my life ON GUARD......
stop thief, you can't steal the way I fuckin' felt when I got up today.
well I guess you're the judge.
I guess you're the king of the forever beauty pageant I'm always in.
my heart beats blue, beats red, beats mad.
is this the only power that you really wanna have?
count from one to nine, how high do I rate?
I guess feeling good was my first mistake EN GUARDE...
let me see you shake it baby shake it some more...
on Guard...
are you a girl or boy?
are you a boy or girl?
on Guard...

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