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Julian Rice - lyrics

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Julian Rice, he was a bad loser - ooo yes he was, ooo yes he was
After a price, he was a big dealer
He had to cheat, to meet his bills - ooo yes he did, ooo yes he did
Oooo - oh, yeah - he had to cheat!
Julian's wife, was a show stopper - ooo yes she was, ooo yes she was
All of her life, she made blue movies
She had to cheat, to meet her needs - ooo yes she did, ooo yes she did
Oooo - oh, yeah - she had to cheat!
Oh yeah, Julian's, my, my, my...Julian's wife
Julian Rice, he went down to the boozer - to spend his roll, oh yes he did
Julian's wife, she walked in - a big teaser!
She had to be there to grab her stud, ooo yes she did
She took him back, and he walked - oh!
Yeah, yeah - yeah, yeah

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