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When the World Was Young - lyrics


They call me coquette and mademoiselle
And I must admit I like it quite well
It's something to be the darling of all
Le grande femme fatale
The Belle of the Ball
There's nothing as gay as life in 'Paree'
There's no other person I'd rather be
I like what I do I like what I see.
But where is the schoolgirl that used to be me?
You'll see me at ... and Spain
I follow the sun by boat or by plane
It's any old millionaire in a storm
For I've got my mink to keep my heart warm
And sometimes I drink too much with the crowd
And sometimes I laugh a little too loud
My head may be aching bit it's unbowed
And sometimes I see it all through a cloud.
Ah, the apple tree.
And the hive of bees.
Where we once got stung
Summers at Bordeaux
Rowing the bateau
Where the willow hung
Just a dream ago
When the world was young.

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