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Leek Jack- GIRL STOP LYIN - lyrics

Its leek jack
Hol up hol up
Aye bruh this girl must think im dumb bruh
This girl must think im done
I know she got my text
Hate to keep this in had to get this off my chest
At first i was chillin then started to get pissed
She made this one excuse and it all went just like this
Im sorry i fell asleep
Ooo you better shut up
I know you on your laptop watching videos about your make up
Im not stupid and im not dumb
So yea you better just try again
Nevermind you got it ima just go text your best friend
Cuz you wasn't sleep and you wasn't busy
Always tryna tell a lie
I hope rihannas site shut down and you dont get them damn puma slides
Thats why your weave dry
And your face look like a horse
And you smell like 50 niggas playing 21 on a small court
And you got a lazy eye
ẃhy your eyebrows never done
You hair so damn short it look like a meat ball when its in a bun
Leek jack why you so hurt
Nah you boy just stating facts
Wouldve never been like this if she woulda just texted me back wait im getting off track
Hold up let me bring it right back
ýou texted me then i replied and you carryin it
Now you're just dry
Teeth look like some damn fangs
And i hope you feel ashamed
I hope you get the message cuz im really not playin no games
Say it one more time im not playing no games
You should've just been honest now youre gonna feel my pain
Even told me sorry i dont care what you say
Cuz i know you wasn't sleep you had no school the next day
Stop sayn you slim thick when you built just like a seal
I know you ate all day and you never missed a meal
I ain't got no chill no youre boy ain't got no chill
Ima keep this song goin you gon see just how i feel
Your ear shape like a square
Your head firm like a rock
Spots on your body i think you got chicken pox
How you rockin capris and on your feet is some wedges
Ima be right back ima go find your edges
Every outfit you wear is always full of lint
What, hairstyle is that need to appointment
Why you walk like that look like you missing a limb
And you get no likes need to delete instagram
Let me chill out cuz im havin too much fun
I just had to explain cause leek jack is not the one
So you better stop lyin i told you more twice
Let me find out and im coming for you life
I swear that im not mean im a laid back type of guy
But my attitude change when a girl decides to lie
I pray you listen and i hope you understand
If you slip up this gon happen again
Girl stop lyin
Girl, girl stop lyin
Ion im not playing games and i ain't got no chill

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