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Leek Jack- Roger that - lyrics

Leek jack
Roger that
Coolin at the boardwalk
Front with all my bros
A lot of females walkin
But this one girl had me froze
Eyes big
Jaw drop
Hand all on my chest
Her body oiled up
Just glazing in that sundress
Damn who is that
They told me to approach her
I said greet greet roger that
Opened up my camera to see if i looked alright
Tryna make a good impression
When she see me at first sight
My bros pushed me along
Malik you look fine
Told me hurry up and go
I'm wasting all my time
Check my shoes
Smelled my self
Wiped my shirt
Fastened my button
Walking fast
Getting close
Took a breath
Its all or nothin
Im like hey im leek jack
Then she smiled back
I said greet greet roger that
First she said she liked my hat
Complimented her right back
Her face was so flawless i was getting sidetracked
Said shes from new york but shes visiting VA
She with her best friends and they're on a vacation
Started askin bout my self and where do i even stay
Told her all i do is dance and i go to norfolk state
What she bouta do
She replied nothin hun
Told her we can just kick it
And have a one on one
Get to know eachother better
Go grab us a smoothie
Go half on a hotel
Just relax and watch a movie
At first she wasn't rockin with it
Then she nodded yes
But like i was moving fast
But i couldn't help myself
Of course i was in shocked
Surprised cuz shes so fine
Told her ima hit her phone
And we´re checking in at nine
Aye thats a wrap put her number in my phone
I said that greet greet roger that
Roger that hol up roger that
Started dancing with my bros like yea
Thats a wrap
I sent her my location
Gave her all the information
Then took an hour shower
Yea without a hesitation
Number popped up on my phone
I hope she doesnt fake
She said shes getting gas
And she´ĺl be on her way
I started getting ready
Made sure i wasn't sweaty
Then i brushed my teeth
Earlier i cooked spaghetti
Put on some cologne
Made sure i had some gum
Thinking to myself
Man tonight should be fun
Aye where you at tryin to relax
Greet greet roger that
Roger that
Greet greet roger that
Waiting in my room like girl where you at
Told me to come down
I hopped up out that chair
I couldn't wait to see her
So your boy just took the stairs
Queen luscious lips
And natural hair
Then i couldn't speak
All ya boy could do is stare
Damn i like that she said thank you
I said greet greet roger that
Roger that hold up roger that
Shawty you the baddest
And that is a fact
Made it to the room
Just takin it easy
I was runnin through her hair
Then she turned around and kissed me
Started getting freaky
Then we started laughing
Act like we in vegas
Whatever happens happens
Aye you like that
Then she called me daddy
Im like greet greet roger that
Roger that
Greet greet roger that

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