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Only The Good Die Alone - lyrics

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Pulled out from the trenches and forced to the front-line.
Now we forge a different path.
You knew we had to face this,
We cant hide forever.
Now we must fight.
No lines to be drawn in the sand, I see no point.
There is only one side to this, you have no choice.
We're losing battles, we're losing sleep,
Now we cant rest at all.
We are at war.
And I'm still standing despite of this firing line.
This has been pushed beyond a game,
burn the white flag.
They say all's fair in love and war,
But this is murder.
We are at war.
This is murder.
I fought for years to keep this afloat but now,
We just let this die.
We had a promise to keep, a cause but,
We just let this die.
Just keep digging the grave because,
We just let this die.
Now we bleed out the years as,
We just let this die.

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