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Approach the light, allow yourself to reflect upon its truth
In the crossroads you will find an adventure comes with time
You will see that when you live in this world
You'll find the legend of loneliness
But no matter who or where you are
The future' is now!
Always waiting in the village
You always hope to do the right thing today
All the guardians of humanity
Will fight until the end
Follow me and we will find the peace
In our lives we have all been long searching
I will wait to see the dragons fight
To fly and rule the world
And endless heart tells me
gives me eternity
Teach me how to live
how to pray and I will stay
I can barely just remember now
All the freedom that we once had
And all the memories will never drown
My burning eternal desire
I'll find my way to Leonelda
And every choice I'll make will have fair outcome
I fell my life is spiraling further down
I want to wash away the pain
Hold on the path and don't let go
You will know when you have find your goal
Close your eyes and look inside
in truth you'll find yourself
In history you'll find
The minstrels legend of the ancients
In future you will find
Eternal kingdom Leonelda

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The Path to Glory