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Moving step by step our obstacles are slowly crossed
Like bards we'll journey on our own roads we'll follow our destiny
In time we'll confront deep misfortunes
And true misunderstandings
We are the warriors in our battle,
we fight with hope as our weapon
Deserters who will not believe in tomorrow
And the dead will leave us with sorrow
On and on we're facing our destiny with forces on edge
Holding high the flags of pride we're marching to break the walls of mortality
We shall lead!
We are the chosen, we are the sentinels
We clutch our hearts with our honor
We've become witness, we have now fallen
Into a plague of cruelty
I can find my own life in reality,
I'll never be lonely
May I find serenity
I can find my own life in reality,
I'll never be lonely
I'll find immortality
A mutiny of slaves emerging from
the shadows know that we must fight
With our swords and our shields
We'll fight until the dawn
We will carry on
The skeptics shall be astounded when they hear
The strongest chanting they'll be howling
Like a volcano erupting and rocking the earth
The village will bleed
We pray for the voices of the horsemen
Because deep inside of your minds
We'll sort the lust and the hunger
Misery and pestilence and death

Oh, the story will change
A new sun will rise
We're gaining freedom, free until the end
Our flag will be waving strong from the mountains to the seas
We'll rise from obscurity
ready to fight a bloody war for equality
I feel the four winds blowing on my shoulders
Whispering to me (sail on thy soul)
I hear the fallen angels singing to me (lay down thy soul)
I know that what I seek is out there
I've seen it in my dreams
There rests the book of holy secrets,
one day I shall fly
And as I rest tonight, I'm dreaming of sword in hand in flight
I feel temptations arm to give in and avoid any harm
The prize is there for me the messenger of restored liberty
Awake with vengeful eyes at dawn my mind's war is won
Fiends from the dark all take revenge creating forces of rebellion
the brotherhood could never understand that the truth all lies inside their minds
The storm is brewing pretends to rape our souls
Drowns our hearts and desires
But the songs rebel and gives us power that holds
forever in our hearts
Wars start in every land which we could not win
The earth was green from our tears
Its eternity is all we wish for on earth
We all want to live, we don't want to die
To keep moving on but in order to live
we still suffer on the end of our days
we keep looking forward and onward to live
We all want to see beyond misery the harsh poverty
The workers will be the warriors seed their conscience will lead
us into salvation the truth will stay strong
Moving step by step we're leaving a marked path we cross
and our lives will forever follow our story will go on.

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The Path to Glory