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The Cross and the Crusade - lyrics

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My force will rise
In the name of God
And war shall come upon your reign
Cleansing its heretic belief
Repent now or the wrath of God
Will hunt you down
I can't betray my people
For freedom is the highest good of man
All will be punished for a few
Don't make them victims of your tyranny
So that's what you have to say
You slave of the devil's breed
You shall linger in dismay
And now prepare for war
"And thus the die was cast, as the church started her campaign of hate
The lands of Occitania trembled but the armies prepared for fame and glory"
Three missionaries were sent to the lands infected with heresy
Distrusted, detested and disdained, preceded by fear and discontent
So times grew darker and darker, and hope seemed all but lost
The crusade was poised to strike, enticing, forboding
And men of the cloth turned into servants of death
Servants of death!
I made an effort to repent and pay for my sins
Atonement with church and pope
But their claims were harsh and unjust
I'd never betray my people
For his disobedience the count was punished
Humiliated, tortured and broken
He promised to take up the cross
And fulfil the judgement of God
Now in the heat of night
People of the South
Toulouse turned on us
Come, my lords and knights
As one we ride out
Stand strong and defend
We will fight
Until death
Do us part
For fame and pride
We will fight
Follow me to war
We will fight
Until death
Do us part
For fame and pride
We will fight
Follow me to war
May all who join the
greatest mission of our time
Be granted forgiveness of sin and a wealth worthy of God
Our forces will prevail, led by angels and bringers of faith,
And all who oppose my will shall drown in eternal misery
I'll hunt them down with all my might!
"...Negotium pacis et fidei..."

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