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In my new life I met plenty of girls
But none that make me wanna do
The things you make me do
I wanna learn what makes you feel good
See Lord knows I tried to keep you
Satisfied the best way that i could
See' cause no woman has laid love down on me
The way that you laid it on me
Keep on laying it on me Baby
I wanna learn all the things
To keep you ocupied
I wanna give you my time Baby
You be the teacher
I won't be no fool
I did my homework Baby
And I'm ready for school
You can be the principal
And I'll follow the rules
I did my homework Baby
And I'm ready for school
[Repeat 2]
[Ad lib]
Come on and school me Baby
Wont you teach me Baby
Show me Baby
I'll take notes so I can remember
All the things that I do to make you scream
Tell me what you like 'cause I'm willing
and able
I can fulfill your every dream
See no woman has ever made
Me wanna break down and give
Her everything I have
To offer and even more
See you're the kind of girl
That'll make a man wanna give all this money
Give up his cars all of his dreams
So Baby why don't you show me
See you be the teacher
I Won't be no fool
I did me homeowrk Baby
And I'm ready for school
[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 1 and 2]
[Ad lib]
[Repeat 1 and 2 x2]

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