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I was always so good at selecting words
To hurt rather than heal
Busy premeditating verbal murder
We should have instated a code of silence between us
Instead of choosing to speak, every something was wrong
forcing feelings, tiring ourselves out
Many times without a doubt,
Shutting up might have saved us
My fingerprints washed off your body
Kisses wiped from your lips
Inspection couldn't find a mark left behind
Or proof of the time I spent inside you, beside you
With all the skin we shared, I'm scared
You've taken back what I mistook as my own
casualities spared, judgement impaired
For what cause was I disowned?
Are first loves forgotten?
Open words with a closing, to insight a battle
Overhead glances invite free interpretations
Jealously vows a way to get back at me suddenly
It's over with no time to explain
I was honest with someone, when honesty wouldn't work
Again paths crossing, feeling secure
Long enought to catch my reflection, rejection
In a way you can say that everything in life
Has an expiration date
Running out of breath
Running to your rescue
Signing to donate my heart
Finding it's been rejected by imcompatible blood types,
Complications and misunderstandings
Close your eyes when your lips are covering my mouth
Or you don't mean it.
I wish some insight would have come to me
Before self surgery
You see, I wasn't the first to have torn into my chest
To win you over
But for me it is over and that is to say
You won't be missed
Wait, before you say good-bye,
Let me take a picture to remember
Not to meet you again in another life,
or in anothers body
We have to stop meeting like this

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