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Friends Imaginary - lyrics

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Pushing your now feeling, religion you just swallowed.
Hypocrite don't hit me with your bible.
I don't have anything to throw back, unless you count these sticks and stones.
Your name has escaped me.
Loot the vision that clouds the sky, betraying more than decency.
Mask your works, practice til perfect.
Be revered, with luck be believed
perceived as other than a thief,
Other than what you are.
Are you what you thought?
What are you without me?
Talking behind backs turned, Stabbing back and forth.
Words rising to the surface, burned and arranged out of sequence.
Red letter labeling defeats a willing loser with nothing else to lose.
When gravity seems scarce settle for something form all of the non-believers.
Ye of little faith sent to convince. I'm further along than this time last year.
Ice age defeat taught me wisdom.
Cry myself to sleep.
I've been sold out again, thank you friend, Imaginary.
Sometimes there, Always scary, to count on or come through.
Disappointed, what's new.
Sound sincere. Were you ever here?
I'll give you to the count of three to disappear.

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