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I feel you in the distance, waiting for weakness.
Stalking out horizons for hundred thousand years
Plodding every forward, unstoppable in motion
Impatience waiting for the chance, signaled by our fears
I’ve seen you in my tortured dreams in silence every creeping.
Extinction turns deaf ears to screams to catch us while we are sleeping.
You’ve lived in our subconscious for as long as we can know.
Hear the rattle of the bones from hand collecting the toll.
In vigilance perpetual, in purpose denied
Unwavering persistence like the steady march of time.
Matching every footstep while we laugh at our progress
Our arrogance denies you we are living in our lies.
This fee is not negotiable and nothing we have accomplished can keep us from the final lonely ride.
Some will boldly step on deck and some find they are not so eager
To see the fate awaits us when we reach the other side.
At odds with all of nature creation an annoyance
You have lived in our subconscious for as long as we can know
Waiting still in patience till we reach our river station
I hear the rattle of the bones from the hand collecting the toll.

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