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Third Rail to the Third World - THC EMP Part .. - lyrics

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Sit there like the American dream.
waiting to be happened upon.
Out of reach, the native scene,
bred well though manners are gone.
The good side of the great wall.
Outsourced vendor, last call
Unwelcomed gatherers, crashing on shores.
"No trespass" signs waved and ignored.
Socialist beware, voices quake, cut to stare.
Capitalist you steal, scrape and tear.
Take so much, yet never share. Search for what is fair.
Hopeless generations lost deep in prayer.
Third rail to the third world. Civilization yet to follow.
Third rail to the third world. Pockets full though heads are still hollow.
Feeble minds that think alike
travel to places where fools seldom differ.
High intake resistance, harms more than hinders.
Stage coach factories, human zoo.
Pennies and a bowl of rice.
Industrial espionage, tales of Sun Tzu.
Arrive with slavery.
deprive the savior, survive bravery.

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