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Butterfly Effect (Life is Strange Tribute) - lyrics

Just close the door
Head over to the shore
The sun is setting down
Will it rise again
And feel the heat
Time is what you need
Looking for the answers
'Till you sink again
Under the skies
An azure butterfly
Floating in the wind
As the sunlight fades
Sand's warm and kind
We're falling out of mind
Twisting our lifetime
Delaying your fate
What can I do
I won't give up on you
But tell me, is it worth
Changing destiny
Await the night
Oh, was it wrong or right
To let innocent die
Keeping you alive
Can't hide the truth
I fell in love with you
But now I'm feeling guilty
For the horror here
I can't rewind
I'm getting lost in time
But you can make it better
If you stay with me
The overwritten history, the alternative destiny
Made of pain and sorrow, now it falls on me
Was it worth the bodies bent lying face down in the sand
I see all the suffering they went through tonight
Count all the fatalities I caused in this reality
Just because I wouldn't withstand losing you
And 'cause I'd never have the chance to look into your eyes again
That is why I chose to make the sacrifice
That is why I chose to make the sacrifice
That is why I chose to let 'em die

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