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Insomnia - lyrics

Can you feel the rain falling to the ground
As you rush the streets to the underground
Can you help me out with the sleepless nights
Watch me close my eyes just to see me fight
The insomnia
Clocks are ticking down, soon the sun will rise
Now you're here with me, but I'm not alright
I can hear the birds singing to the dawn
Hours passing by, I have lost again
To insomnia
You're never gonna know how rough it feels
To lose another sleep
I'm slowly fading out
Oh, I just wanna know how is it gonna be
Before it consumes me
I will be sinking down
Falling asleep forever
The morning has come, I'm drifting away
I remember now all the words you said
I will reach inside, make it past the end
I will lift the weight of the burdens of
This insomnia
Floating in the void, breaking through the space
Healing all the wounds of what still remains
Now I hear the voice shouting loud enough
For me to wake up from the dream I had
Fuck insomnia
You're never gonna know how rough it felt
To lose so much of sleep
I had been fading out
I just wanted to know how it all would be
Before it consumed me
I have been sinking down
For now it seems alright, it took a lot of time
To fight the lack of sleep
I know it will come back
But if you're gonna be here for me again
When it comes to me
I can beat it all
And fall asleep whenever

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