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Simple Things - lyrics

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Living life
Early morning love
Summer days and getting paid
Friends from around the way
Rain done gone away
Favourite songs
Knowing where you belong
No place like home
Whatever your vice
That got you nice
At any price
And it feels so good
So good the simple things
The way it should be (simple things)
Can't take it for granted
The way it feel, Ah
Now that I understand
So got to me (simple things)
It be the simple things that likfe is made of
Make me feel, so real, real, yeah (real good)
Simple as love inside of me
and it's alright, said it's alright
Pure simplicity
Shade from a tree
Special memories
About the way it used to be
Hanging on the corner
Doing what you wanna
So happy
Out at the movies with cha love
Feeling high above
Any troubles you'd have
Just being glad to be alive
and it's alright
A warm smile from a child
Taking in the game
The scent of spring rain
A day to relax
The sensation of climax

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