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Enoughs Enough - lyrics

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What could it be? I'm looking for in a strangers
eyes? When you and i know you wait for me
across the open skies. I'm a 6 foot fool in
a 2 bit disguise. Too big too small never
right sized. Never let you know never let
you know what you mean to me. But
enough is enough. You're more than enough.
So much more than enough for me. what
did I hear you say? You been feeling like
you might be wrong for me? That you're
not the one I'm looking for because of who
I used to be? Who knew your 5 foot 3
would be my perfect size? We're like puzzle
pieces baby. When we click side by side. Just
wish I could let you know. Let you know
what you mean to me. So enough is
enough. You're so much more than enough for me.

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