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Cuttin on me - lyrics

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I been tryna figure out, why you be fuckin' on me
Doin' drugs 'til I pass out, why you fuckin' on me
Three are better lookin' guys, why you fuckin' on me
Girl you know you do it nice so, why you fuckin' on me
Everyday I cut my wrist, why you fuckin' on me
I'm depressed so I get lit, why you fuckin' on me
I dropped outta school baby, why you fuckin' on me
Shawty think I'm cool prolly, why she fuckin' on me
Shawty only 17, suckin' on my dick
Drugs have turned me to a fiend, wanna slit my wrist
Cuts all on her knees beggin' me to call her bitch
Shawty in her ripped jeans white sauce on her lips
I don't even know, why shawty fucks with me
She's a day 1 since she fucked with me
Fucked on day 1 she went down on me
Lil day 0, why you fuckin' on me.

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