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Forgive me - lyrics

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I'm a mistake honestly
I got the switchblade here with me
I got some drugs too inside of me
I owe my mom an apology
I owe my mom an apology
I wanna die im sorry
Drugs got them on me
Im feeling like a zombie
Hopin' you could kill me
sophy baby kill me
Baby if u kill yourself
Baby will you bring me
Baby please just kill me
I don't wanna live I'm sorry
I'm gonna kill my self forgive me
I wanna die mom im sorry
I wanna cut till I'm bleeding out
I fucked up and im bleeding now
Warm blood baby lick it up
Strong bud baby now we fuck
I can see you trying all your best to help me girl but can't I'm fucked
Since way back theres no coming back
From this I'm coolin' with the gang slit wrist

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