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Love bites - lyrics

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love bites on my neck
im always high she always wet
i always cry when i hit rec
she know im singin bout my ex
but she blew me 'fore she left
cause she know that im depressed
she fuck me for her stress, i fuck her cause she is the best
i cut my wrist all day long
she suck my dick and smoke bong
i cant feel shit like day long
she suck my dick i make songs
i get her lit i smoke strong
she kiss my dick in her thongs
ill never quit i belong
she kiss my neck shes my bomb
like since day one i always wanted to
kill myself or make her boo
and now its us girl me and you
u know im always down for you
behind the mask of all the smiles
im fucking nothing ive died
i fucking try and try and try
but im so tired i cant fight
i might kill myself tonight
please hit me up and say its fine
girl i just need to say good bye
before i go and take my life
girl please just know that ive tried
but i end up just wanna die
i smoke some dope to get me high
and i am gone like all the time
but if i live i know ill make it
cause im lit and youre basic
im a no one they still pay me
in a year ill have the plays bitch
in a year i swear im hot shit
in a year i swear ive gone rich
i dont wanna have my wrist slit
will u put me in ur playlist

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