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Save me - lyrics

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i cant run can u help me
im so lost baby save me
i just want u to crave me
ur my drug why u playin
i cant feel baby
ur not real baby
all these tears baby
all these years
if i let you go will u feel alone
would u want me back
would u even care
baby trust me tho
i just cant be yours
bitch i feel so low
demons in my core
know u hate them too
but they hate me more
they always bring me down
they always make me fall
u always try while i fuck it up
u know i cry cause im so fucking numb
u know i try but im so fucking dumb
u know ill die and i will let you down
the voices tell me to kill myself
i wanna do it cause i live in hell
they always scream, always in my head
they wont leave till im fucking dead

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