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Don't Talk About Me with Him - lyrics

1, 2...
One step more and I'm ready to go,
Tell the preacher I'm join up for free.
If we make it back with our hats and ties,
Tell the boys I'm gonna buy them a drink.
Back to the future with me,
Darling, I always want you to be,
forever in love.
Please don't talk about me with him.
What if Romeo and Juliet,
through another variation of circumstance.
Star cross lovers never met,
The beef continues at the capulet.
All the critics agree,
No one would pay a dollar to see
A tale without loss, that'll be odd.
Dont ever talk about it with him.
Not even a word,
Please don't talk about me with him.
Please don't ever talk about me with him.
As the years go by and we loose our minds,
thinking it's all wrong, that it's right.
Turn off close can't asking phone calls,
Getting a hotel for tonight.
That's how use to be,
No one's gonna know about you and me.
That'll be us, forever in love.
As long as no one says a word,
Just let it be,
Please don't talk about me with him.

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