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Fome Is Dape - lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Slow hand, rubber band
Invitational grand prize
Ample voice box
Sensational mack and the music's on vacation
Vocational past tense to present day, cross-generational
Fome is dape, 21 honey
It ain't about the cred and it ain't about the money
Where you at and where you been and where you from, from, from me
It just don't stop like the Energizer Bunny
Hip-hop on the good foot everywhere you goin'
Fome is dape even when it's snowin'
Had to tippy-topper if ya just tip-toein'
Let cha' hair down, there's a big wind blowin'
When every day feel like a party, fome is dape
Eat cho' fill, lick yo plate fome is dape, fome is dape
[Verse 2:]
Candy bar, superstar
Easy to acquire
No dress code, to pesh mode
Ice cold attire required
To be admired by the one you desire
If ya mind wants to know, inquire
What the hell is fome
It's kids around ya house in ya underwear
Playin' air guitar to a stadium of teddy bears
A goin' to work, headphones on
Ignorin' what ya boss says singin' along
Dape, well that's another story
An adjective anonymous with absolute glory
Kind of like great, super-fly, hype, fresh
Bigger than big, better than best
Wait a minute, I forgot to say something
Fome is dape is kind of like jumpin' outta airplane
With two cans of spray paint
To tag your name to the sky
A thousand feet high
With a parachute
Made a fresh root and french fries
Wearin' rubber boots to cover up the top of ya thighs
Surprise, fome is dape is also a nice, warm bubble bath
In the comfort of your own home
When ya rollin' in the whip, fome is dape
Shootin' from the hip, fome is dape
Shakin' in the grass, fome is dape
Velocity or mass, fome is dape
Sippin' on a forty, fome is dape
Breakin' on ya shorty, fome is dape
Everybody on the planet, fome is dape
Ya gotta understand, fome is dape
[Verse 3:]
Fome is dape, you better come check it
You wanna hear it again, buy the damn record
Play it ten times standin' on ya head in bed
And I bet you could get with every word that's said
Easy like that, greasy like that
Little T never be cheesy like Jack
Mozarella, cheddar, or American baby
Fome is dape, the rest is all gravy
[Hook x5:]

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