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[Verse 1:]
It's funny how the hours last
Some go slow and some go fast
You never know what you gunna get
'Till you look into your past
There's a whole world out there for you to have
But it seems your heart's been cut in half
Splittin' hairs into perfect pairs
Wonderin' if you do or don't care
About me
Or you
Please tell me what you plan to do
Your life is yours to rearange
But whether you break my heart
Or stake a claim
Has a lot to do with us
It takes two to make some love
One to make a fuss
Three to give a reason not to trust
The way that you been livin'
Is it the shit you give
Or the shit you've been given
That I should take?
I don't know
'Cause I can't quite tell which way you bendin'
You got me loosendin'
Tie me off
Cut your loss
Tell me now or rock and roll
I'm loosendin'
Tie me off
Cut your loss
Tell me now or rock and roll
I'm loosendin'
[Verse 2:]
There's plenty of reasons that I can think of
For you and me to motivate a love
Instead of putting things on hold
'Cause all I want to hold is you
It's just a matter of time
Before we're old and gray
And our hearts and minds
Both go their seperate ways
And I hope you have something to say
Before that day
Besides the same old
I don't know, and I don't mind
Try asking me some other time
Nod once for yes
And for no just nod your head two times
And I'll be fine
Or not so fine, depending
Yeah, I know you see a lot of jerks
But inside this loser
A love alerts
Hiddin' kisses filled with fireworks
I want to be more than a friend with perks
I want benefits
I want a pension plan
I want to know if you even give a damn
If I could kiss your cheek or hold your hand in public
You know I'd love it
If you would tell me without a doubt
That you were checking instead of checkin out
All the other boys on the avenue
Don't you know they only after you for one thing?
And if that's what you want baby
I'd be happy to give it
But the difference between me and them
Is that mine would have some love in it

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