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[Verse 1:]
If I had wings I'd take off work
Fly around town 'till it got dark
Watch the kids playing basketball
Down in the park with their shoes on
And laugh at them - ha ha!
I'm out of here
Gravity free in the stratosphere
Don't need a blunt or a can a beer
To get high as the sky
And wave bye bye (bye bye)
I flap my wings in double time
Rappin' in double rhyme (double rhyme)
And look down on the world
Feeling innocent and thinking
I never want to land again
Because an average day could ruin a man
Have me thinking about suicide again
And a whole lotta crazy other things
Like if I had wings
If I had wings I would fly away, fly away
If I had wings I would laugh all day, laugh all day
If I had wings I would fly away, fly away
If I had wings I would laugh all day
[Verse 2:]
If I had wings I wouldn't fall in love
I'd flutter around it like a butterfly does
Pollenate my heart with flower buds
In the summer time
You know I want to rub
Noses with the mostest
Beautiful girl in the world
Fly to the sea and get a pearl
To give to her
I'd be happy if her name were jennifer
Or stephanie
As long as she could fly away with me
And have a picnic in a maple tree
Look - I can see my house from here
My mind is crystal clear
Would you like some more ambrosia dear?
Listen, you can hear the crickets sing
I'd have a girl if I had wings
If I had wings I wouldn't be so lazy
I'd give rides to kids and old ladies
When they need help accross the street
I'd be there to sweep them off their feet
I'd be a model citizen
All the kids around the way would say
I want to be like Time when I grow up
Forget about Jordan, he can only jump
I want to fly, I want to flow
I want wings, don't you know?
Yeah, kids, I know all about it
I'm gunna get my wings one day
Don't you doubt it
I don't want a car or diamond rings
I'd be a hero if I had wings
If I had wings my luck would change
I could live above the clouds where it never rains
Where I can't get hit by a bus or a train
Or bird poop
Like I always do
There'd be no crowds at shopping malls
No barking dogs
No telephone poles
And I'd be free
With nobody around to ostracize me
I could fly all day above the planet earth
Come home late and my feet would never hurt
I'd fill my pockets up with dirt
Just to prove that it isn't a dream
I'd be in heaven if I had wing

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