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Hooked me in with ya beautiful eyes
As blue as the sky, like everything I knew was a lie
Beautiful mind, in time I would ruin all
You such a mess when ya death was a fluent design
I knew it was time, no matter what I did you wouldn't keep away
Sucked you into my darkness, couldn't see the day
All the light's gone, all the flesh I'd eat away
Until you were a wet skeleton that I would need to sieve
Don't let me get ahead of myself, the pressure I've felt
And I'll wrap ya mothafuckin' neck with a belt
And hang you up right in front of ya family
They'd all make snide remarks and say
"Sandy, you know Lo Key isn't good for you right?
I know he's tight but I'm tellin' you his head isn't right
You said it ya'self, he'll always be the negative type"
Then I bash in her mothafuckin head with a pipe, like...
Choose your destiny
Moms dead, and I'm chasin' the osprey
Let me hold you, fold you in the coffin
Come back I just wanna talk to you
Don't hide I just wanna offer you
Somethin' like eternal life, and happiness and butterflies
Promise on the bottom of my heart, I'm not the other guys
That hurt you in the past, now I genuinely wanna lie down
In a pool of chainsaws with you hogtied
Pull the mask down, got you in my death grip
Probably should've listen to your loud mouth friends bitch
Everybody told you that I was the problem
Casted aside and labeled as the odd one
Now all your friends are squirming in my basement
You're about to join them, and we're about to play this
Game with blades bitch, everything stainless
You know there ain't no motherfucking way to escape this
Choose your destiny
Burlap sack on your head and you're tied up
Like you were a hostage and I was Al-Qaeda
Set the camera up, telling you to wave hi to the world
As they watching on the internet live
Got your best friends on the meat hook
Pitbulls rippin' at their feet, look
Watch as they screaming, bleeding on the concret
Listen to my demons feeding on the raw meat
Now it's your turn listen to your heart twitch
Nine inch nails in your ears to start with
As I violently tearing the meat from the cartilage
Staring at your friends as I mutilate your carcass
Huh, now you know that you're fucked up
Suckin' off ya boss in the back of a mack truck
Guess you shoulda neva fuckin' lied to my face
Then I wouldn't have to put in clawhammer to your brain stem
Choose your destiny

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