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Behold the dark soul with infected bones
That reach plenty of childrens in neglected homes
Follow me to the land where the dead will roam
If you listen it - welcome to my sect of souls
I bless the flows within - yes I am the reveren
High on adrenaline the silence is deafening
I'm higher than the highest of all the mountains
And I'm here to turn necks into geyser fountains
The monster the beast on the speak is the feeds on beats
And he feeds on the children, and feeds on the hatred
And stabs till they scream in their hideous nature
In all black got your baby mama in the trunk with a ball gag
Claw pull the eyes out cracked it with a ball bat
I wonder if the bitch still thinks that she's all that
I'm pissed off at the fucking world
So I don't give a fuck no more
Look bitch I don't fucking know you
I ain't one of these dudes that you can fucking go to
When your boyfriend makes you feel bad and you're crying
I'm the dude that's sick and violent
I'm the dude that sits in silence sharpening the steak knife
Listening to primus, and I don't play well with the other kids
Sitting in my sandbox, plotting on the guverment
Staring at my classmates, blood coming from my wrists
All the girls saying yo "that kid is fucking sick"
Now I'm 28 with a knife im lodging
In the neck of the chick that say I'm biting hopsin'
Cause my eyes are white and askin' am I a psycho?
So I stabbed her twice and put my eye to the knife-hole
As I look inside and seen the heart stop beating
And I stuck in the straw to beginning feeding ya
I'm pissed off at the fucking world
So I don't give a fuck no more
It's for my motherfucking rejects, my motherfucking outcasts
You know, when the whole world seem to be against you
And you got nothing left inside of you
Just take your two middle fingers
And put them motherfuckers up in the air
And you tell them bitches "Fuck you!"
I'm pissed off at the fucking world
So I don't give a fuck no more

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