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King Of Horrorcore - lyrics

Nod your head to thy king of horrorcore!
They tried their best to erase me
I don't think so, put a blade where your brain be
I don't need help, yo it's too late to save me
Praised and insane, I pray to hell daily
All who oppose get chained in my basement
Finally a new specimen for me to play with
Oh how I call for the screams of a fake bitch
Fake tits, dripping blood, red to the pavement
Ey, yo this bottle of Colada
Is the only fucking reason that your body ain't a condiment
That’s sitting in a zip-lock bag inside a freezer door
Kill cause I can, what the fuck I need a reason for?
I tied a facebook model to an oak tree
Soaked it in gas and then I lit the match slowly
Making yourself at home, now you finally get to know me
And when you get the hell, listen for the name Lo Key
Make way for the king
Listen here bitch
Yo, obey the ghost in the darkness slut
Otherwise you'll be chillin' in the garbage dump
With a carved up gut, and the seven on your forehead
Cut off your legs, leave em on your momma doorstep
Huh, act like you never heard of me
Burning up every verb that I’ve heard of and now usurping me
Making you say "Lo Key is the illest" is no concern to me
I got to stab you through your speaker and make you worship me
Make way for the king!
I'm the type of person to murder your neck purposely
Earn your respect? Fuck you, I open the flesh vertically
Yes I confess, I love painting the room burgundy
Holes in your chest, surgery, serving it for eternity
I turn the lawn mower upside down and rev it on stage
Right in front of the crowd
Any hoes, if you can hear this sound
Then lower Lo Key haters in the place like (blaow!)
Fuck the scene, fuck the dream, fuck your scheming ass
As your spinal fluid seep into my demon mask
I don't even need a mask, hoodie up, creepin past
Hooked up, hearin' last, now I got you in my grasp
Make way for the king
(Make way for the king!)

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