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The day is gone it starts to hit you
The situation is out of control
The walls are caving in all around you
You feel like you're always left of the center
In a loneliness you know so well
You don't feel like you can deliver
But you can't stay locked up in this shell
So hang on just a little bit longer now
Things can only get better than this
So why can't you just leave it all behind you
Hang on
Why should this be any different now
At least that's what you keep saying to yourself
Over and over again
Home is long ago and far away
Like a memory you're stuck in the middle
Of what you are and what you were
Until you believe that it's all just a riddle
T doesn't matter what you've heard
And it starts
And it starts again it will
And it will leave you in the dark
You might know you're alive
When you leave this all behind
You won't know until you try
Hold on now it just takes time

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