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Loick Essien ft Chipmunk - Beast - lyrics

[Verse 1: Chipmunk]
I came from the London underground
Then I took my sound and spreaded' it over ground
Yes, I'm leveling over clouds
I'm on top but holding it down
The king's sat in his throne
My head's too big for a crown
L.O.L. you can laugh out loud
S.O.S. they wanna' send out
Try call for help or something?
Preventions cure my cousin
Prevent this beef from buzzin'
I'm the beast that elevated from the streets
And Una yeah I must feel I beg you talk to them they're weak
[Hook: Loick Essien][x2]
Oh I'm coming from under the ground
Tonight I'm coming up to take it down
I'm free coming deep from the sleep
Now I've woken up
That's why they call me the beast, baby get to know
[Verse 2: Chipmunk]
I roll around grinning my teeth
Yeah, I am the prettiest beast
I grew out of the grittiest streets
I grew out a team that started on heat
4 years down the line I'm here
4 years down the line you're there
I just laugh at those who strayed off
I'm proof that hard work pays off
On [?] that road I stayed off
I became a beast with this art
I aim for the movement
See you around stars
You hear me and know that the swaggers too hard
They can hear the fire in me on the stations
Spit to anger or my passion or that bound determination
[Verse 3]
I was the underdog, from the underground
Now I'm taking over town
They was laughing at me then but you tell me who's laughing now
I'm sitting on hits
Their baby's stuck in dippers sitting on shit
I take the piss
Their actually pissed
"Like how did he get that far?"
Raw, I just kick back and laugh
I'm proof the underdog can make it
If you get that chance then take it
Don't let talent get wasted
I'm the product of the streets
With some anger and some beats
Precisely why did'nt they just call in I am beast
You took me off the leash
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