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Heard It From A Friend - lyrics

[Verse 1]
Day after day I see less of you
Seems like you might be telling everyone a story
‘I didn’t go to the Horseshoe Bar last week’
And everyone said that they saw you there
Sitting in the corner looking oh-so comfy
No one said ‘hello’ ‘cause you were occupied
And you can do everything to cover yourself
But don’t forget that we’ve always shared the same bride
Yeah, I heard it from a friend
Who heard it from a friend
So when you gonna tell me you fucked me over?
Don’t you know that people watch?
Don’t you know that people talk?
So when you gonna tell me you don’t want me no more?
[Verse 2]
I feel like a fool when I cry at night
Maybe if I would have opened up my eyes
I would’ve noticed all those hours away were adding up
And I always tried to see the good in you
But everyone said I needed to be careful
You can only bury the truth for so long
‘Cause it’s gonna rise up on its own
You can only tell so many lies
Before you start to lose track
And it just comes back to bite you, so
[Chorus] x2
Oh, don’t want me no more

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