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If You Want My Love - lyrics

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If you want it come and get it,
Come around and be my baby.
Don't fight it, just try me,
Say the words, I'm so exited.
You gotta do it, you gotta prove it,
Make my day, lift me up and down and,
Don't try to hide away, say my name
Cause I'm your lady.
This is the moment to tell me it's real,
Lovers or friends, oh come on baby please.
If you want my love then open up your eyes,
Baby heat it up because your mine-ine-ine
Feel the fire burning in the neon light,
Give it to me baby, cause tonight's the night.
You're my desire, take me higher,
Touch me there, cause I'm on fire.
When I see you, I wanna feel you,
Cause your eyes are hypnotizing,
You gotta move it, you gotta smooth it,
Say my name, spin me around & around,
Here and there and everywhere,
I wanna be I wanna be your lady

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