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Once upon a time not long ago
When people were still living in the northern zone
They could still breathe and everybody wasn't dead
Somebody recorded a song, this is what it said:
After the first and the second world wars
You'd think us Europeans couldn't take it no more
But we built up and tore down the Berlin wall
Only to build a new and improved around our crumbling Fort Europa
This one was a bit tricky, not visible to the naked eye
And if you was lucky
You could slip through the cracks and the crevices tuckin
Your life under your arm - this way some people snuck in
Only to become second class citizens
Not listed in the system, not existing in a sense
Illegal immigrants - the word left a bitter scent
This place is cold and evil, I should never went to
Fort Europa my so called Eutopia
Where I can't find no culture
Feel the walls getting closer
And closer and closer.
Right here in Fort Europa
Where i cant find no culture
Feel the walls getting
Closer and closer and closer
Look, I guess you know bout how they dreamt of super powers
Wanted to roll with the bad boys but got butt fucked in the showers
Too scared to hold our own ground, can't beat 'em - join 'em, we down
Stay with the winning team by means, bring another round
And bottoms up while they drown
Invitations at the door, members only - no hangarounds
Inside the fortress of finance we appreciate the less fortunate's fine ass
As long as she look high class
And has no problem with swallowing for the almighty euro
But you know we put her brothers out of business though
Make sure they are not leaving that boat, but lose their hope
Of a life inside the fort, send 'em back home and so forth
Cause we got employment issues, we got kids of our own
Trying to tear down the wall with chrome and black ink flow
So keep 'em out all costs, this ain't the time to go soft
We stand united or this soon will be lost inside
We try to live our lives in protected homes
Don't worry bout no one and get your own
The weak people is just a stepping stone
On the road to the riches we are heading for
Anybody come in our way we gun 'em away
Whoever gut something to say better be runnin' away
But I'll stay to see through the peepholes
Cause people like that is all we know
And of these lies and false promises
That shit will come back with the god nemesis
You whoever pick up this a hundred years from now
Here is the last song before we all go down
The revolution is a moment away
The tensions in the air that is coming our way
But powerful forces do their best
To counteract so they'll suit the west
Temperatures rising ain't no turning back
At this point where the world is at
Heading for a crossroad, which way to go?
Heaven or hell? Only you can say you know bout...

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